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I'm sorry Photon Press no longer has the resources to read uninvited submissions.

All books listed are available from Photon Press by post unless stated otherwise. (A printed catalogue can be obtained from the address above). Prices include postage.

Please make cheques payable to:

John Light
(NOT to Photon Press - I have closed the Photon Press account)

Photon Press

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TD15 1NY


Many of the books listed can be ordered through bookshops or on-line at Waterstones .

If  you would like to look at or read any of the titles listed before deciding whether or not to buy, you may be able to borrow or request it from your local library.
You can read the first chapter of some of the novels and selected poems from some of the poetry collections and stories from the short story collections listed from this site.

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Light’s List of Literary Magazines

  Poetry Collections

Lines of Light
Mystery of the City

and the Imperfect Images Series

Chimerical City: Poems of London
Lyrical Land: Poems of Southern Britain
Hallowed Hills: Poems of Northern Britain
Malignant Muse: Poems of Cancer Overcome
Entangled Emotions: Poems of Involvement
Distant Dreams: Science Fiction Poems
(science fiction and mystery)

The Well of Time
The Lords of Hate
Conspiracy of the Dead
No Space in Time
Tower Beyond Time
Death on Dorado
Children of Purgatory
Enigma of the Chimera

Short  Story Collections

The Enigmas of Hugo Lacklan
The Darckmoor Demon and Other Enigmas
  The Benevolent Banker and Other Enigmas
Glimmerings of The Totaliverse
Crimes To Come

You can read a complete sample story free from these collections:

The Enigmas of  Hugo Lacklan: The Expensive Daub
The Darckmoor Demon and Other Enigmas: The Enigma of the Speeding Toadstool
The Benevolent Banker and Other Enigmas:  The Fiend of Far Fell
Glimmerings of the Totaliverse:  Voyage to Camulashivanava
and The Undoer
Crimes to Come:  The Infinity Line

Large Print Books

Death on Dorado
The Enigmas of Hugo Lacklan
The Darckmoor Demon and Other Enigmas

Books for children

Books for Children

New Children's books

The Lonely Tree

Secret Cave

 Art Books

Art Books

Cards and Prints

Cards and Prints



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