John Light


John Light, Summer 2008

pretending to work hard on some retrospective research for a Hugo Lacklan story
actually written a couple of decades earlier!
(This is how I liked to imagine an author's life would be.
In reality I was scribbling on bits of paper on the daily train grind
to the bread and butter job).
[Photograph : Marilyn Light]    

John Light - Storymaker

I was born in London during a lull in the air raids. I learned to love reading at Elm Park County Primary School and chemistry at Newport (Essex) Grammar School. I obtained a B.Sc. and a PhD in chemistry at the University of Durham and met my wife there. I worked for Monsanto in Zurich, the University of Bristol, The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority at Amersham, and then in the Chemistry Department of Queen Mary College in the University of London.
My wife and I lived for over 20 years in Tring on the edge of the Chiltern Hills, where we raised our three children. Finally freed from constraints we retreated to Berwick upon Tweed, England’s most northerly town and the home of my maternal ancestors, where we live as happily as the Universe allows.

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