Short Mystery Story Collection

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The Benevolent Banker
and Other Enigmas

John Light

In the Enigma of the Benevolent Banker, the eponymous character having become widely known for his charitable donations disappears during a garden party at his country home; a series of apparently ritualistic murders occurring on both sides of the Anglo-Scottish border brings terror to the wild beauty of the region in The Fiend of Far Fell; the terrible secret of a reclusive member of a tiny religious community reveals anguish on a remote island in the Western Isles in The Enigma of Sister Sophia; and the curious theft and return of a mysterious painting in Peril in a Painted Garden leads to the discovery of a sinister political conspiracy.
In this third collection of stories, Alexander Dunkley chronicles further consequences of the restless curiosity of his friend Hugo Lacklan.

(83 pages, stapled, card cover).
ISBN 978 1 897968 48 2
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A story from the collection can be read, free, on this site at:
The Fiend of Far Fell

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