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    John Light has been painting and drawing for some 40 years but very little of his work was seen publicly until he had a one-man exhibition of paintings and drawings entitled 'Light Work' at Gallery 273 in London in 1993. His paintings have also been exhibited in Berwick, Edinburgh,
Lauder and Tring.
    His paintings, drawings and cartoons have been used as cover and internal artwork for many magazines and books. He writes and illustrates the "Light Reading" series of children's early learning books published by Child's Play International.

Please observe

None of the images on this site may be used for commercial purposes
without the written consent of John Light.
However, you are welcome to download or print out any of them for your own enjoyment.
If you do I would be pleased if you would consider making a small donation
to some secular children's charity such as UNICEF.

To view the designs, click on

Gallery 1
(paintings 1 to 16)

Gallery 2
(paintings 17 to 32)

Gallery 3
(paintings 33 to 48)

Gallery 4
(drawings 1 to 16)

Art cards of the paintings (1 to 16 only) are 30p each.

Colour copier prints on paper of the paintings (1 to 48) are:

A3 @ £6 (US$12 surface, $14 air)
A4 @ £4 (US$8 surface, $10 air)
A5 @ £3 (US$6 surface, $8 air)

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