Children of Purgatory
 John Light

Cover illustration

 Rifang’s voice destines him to become a chorister in the cathedral in the capital city of the Autarchy of Purgatory but during a procession through the city his glimpse of the girl Jerindel causes him to rebel against the fate that awaits choristers as they approach adolescence and he flees the choir school and disappears. Years later Jerindel sets out to find Rifang but the guilds of the city are plotting revolt against the Autarchy and Jerindel is caught up in their plans and those of other more sinister plotters. Meanwhile Rifang discovers different truths beyond the Autarch’s empire as he strives to master his own future.

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Children of Purgatory Chapter 1

ISBN 1 897968 34 5

129 pages, perfect bound, soft cover


US$10; US$11 air

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