Conspiracy of the Dead

John Light

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In the worlds beyond, the evil dead plot to dominate the Universe of the living through their armies of thralls. Recognising that the people of Lavandrel hold a pivotal position in the history of the Cosmos, they unleash their might against the planet in a bid not only to control the future but even to remould the past.
    Obedient to the dying counsel of Lavandrel's greatest sage, Prince Alorn of Born leaves his embattled world to seek aid from the Elder World. Guided by the Roamanies of Doth and braving the Wizard World of Drel, he encounters the people of the Masque and threads the maze cave of Sufindral in search of the Elder World and entry to the worlds beyond to meet the greatest challenge of all.

This is the final novel in the Chronicles of Lavandrel

"In many ways, Conspiracy of the Dead reminded me of the SF books that I grew up with, a blend of SF and fantasy featuring an interstellar quest to thwart some great evil with a certain easy charm to the writing, and, in doing so, evoked a good deal of nostalgia for me. But John is not rehashing old plots and themes; the story is fresh and original, and full of entertainment. I certainly found it hard to put down - he has crafted a story that is almost dream-like in its intensity and amorphous ability to absorb and utilise so many seemingly disparate strands. One of the best books I have read in quite some time, a real pageturner. I have no hesitancy in recommending it!"

D J Tyrer in Monomyth

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Conspiracy of the Dead    Chapter 1     A Warning From Beyond

(Perfect bound paperback,  309 pages)

ISBN 1 897968 30 2


(US$15 surface, US$20 air)


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