Crimes to Come

 John Light

Crimes To Come is a collection of future set mystery stories.
Ganniver was a grubby little planet was Tec Denson's first impression in The Infinity Line. He was there to find his client's missing son and couldn't wait to complete the job and leave.
The interstellar rock band 'Headblown' was used to playing megastadiums not clearings in the jungle and that wasn't the only weird thing about the gigs on the planet Pitfall. Their instinct for trouble also landed them in peril in Skisland, The Universe at the End of the Restaurant, and Ferry 'Cross the Styx. In other stories a variety of crimes are committed from sabotage in The Mandelbrot Mishap to accidental genocide in The Air was Full of Musics. In The Collectors it is not clear if there is criminal activity and if so which of the participants are criminals. Three more shorter tales complete the collection.

(82 pages, stapled, card cover).
ISBN 978 1 897968 50 5
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One of the stories in the collection can be read, free, on this site at:
The Infinity Line

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