Death on Dorado

John Light

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                          Distributed by Photon Press                                     Distributed by Ulverscroft
ISBN 0 9522522 0 1                                               ISBN 978-1-84782-600-8
Stapled, 86 pages                                                    Perfect bound,  303 pages
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There was no government and no police force on the planet Dorado, so when Bizman Edlin Borrowitch was murdered, his insurers paid City Investigators to find the culprit and they plumped for Accountant Ros Kernwell. She hired Tec Sarn Denson to clear her and he found plenty of suspects among the family and associates of the Bizman. All he needed to do to save his client was to find enough evidence to reduce the Legal Company computer's calculation of her guilt probability to below the conviction threshold.
Unfortunately Tec Denson was troubled by ideas of his own about that abstract and irrelevant concept, justice, and distracted by the assistance of the beautiful Seelya Koto.

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