Mystery Novel

Enigma of the Chimera

 John Light

"When I was asked to enlist the aid of my friend Hugo Lacklan to determine whether there was any truth in the apparent confession contained in the journal of a minor artist of a crime or crimes committed many years before, I was quite unprepared for the strange mixture of diary, dreams, stories and ruminations which the printout contained. Unravelling the meaning of the code names, undoubted fantasies and meticulous descriptions of paintings executed by the small group of artists around the writer was beyond me but Hugo's knowledge of anthropology and his experiences as a consultant to the National Crime Agency's "weird crimes unit", seemed to provide him with just the background needed."

(74 pages, stapled, card cover).
ISBN 978 1 897968 39 0      £5 (or £3.50 direct from Photon Press)  US$10; US$11 air
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