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The Enigmas Of Hugo Lacklan

 John Light

What was the reason for the odd behaviour of the Five Elderly Gentlemen? Why were hideous daubs selling for such high prices from a London gallery? How did the punk thief vanish after his crimes? How did Magnus Thoren really die? Hugo Lacklan’s profession is social anthropology but in his spare time such unacademic questions as these intrigue him. Here are 12 of his enigmas.

Large Print Edition
(256 pages, perfect bound, soft cover).
ISBN 978-1-4448-1365-4              £8.99                    
Ulverscroft Large Print Books Ltd
The Green, Bradgate Road
Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7FU, UK
Tel 0116 236 4325; Fax 0116 234 0205
(NOT available through Photon Press)
{But quite likely to be available in the large print collection of a public library near you, as libraries are this publisher's main market}

Original (quite) small print edition
Black and white illustrations by the author
(74 pages, stapled, card cover).
ISBN 978 1 897968 38 3      £4 (or £3 direct from Photon Press)  US$10; US$11 air
(This edition IS available direct from Photon Press as well as through booksellers such as Waterstones)

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