Poetry Book

Entangled Emotions: Poems of Involvement

 John Light

(34 pages, stapled, card cover).
ISBN 978 1 897968 45 1
£5 from bookshops
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In his introduction the author wrote:

My feelings for and about places and landscapes, for cities, towns and villages, for mountains, hills, forests, woods, moors and coasts all find a ready expression in verse. My emotional reaction to place is necessarily a one way attachment. My emotional entanglements with other people are much more complicated and more disturbing and I find them correspondingly more difficult to express in words.
Some of the verses in this collection have taken many years to grow. Even when I am desirous of putting some deep felt emotion into poetry I am usually stumped for the means to set about it. However with the passage of time it may eventually happen that my subconscious comes to my rescue and provides me with a beginning and the words to craft the verse.

The latter part of this collection is subtitled Love Lyrics: Unsung Songs from the Sixties so it might seem paradoxical that these were my first attempts at casting verse but despite their ostensible subject they were more a product of that era and my own age then, though largely written in the seventies, than an expression of any deep emotion. They weren't so hard to write!

A poem from the book


Hold my hand my son.
Soon you will grow too old
To give your hand to me,
As I was too old
To hold my father's hand,
Until he lay dying.

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