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of the Totaliverse

 John Light

This collection of tales of the search for fulfilment of the diverse desires of the varied races of human form in disparate times and spaces begins with a creation myth of one cosmos and ends with another. It includes fables of a man who believed he was destined to be a king, an emperor seeking the living duplicate of his dead wife across the infinite cosmos, and two lovers seeking greater understanding in a ruined city. Others involve desire for stasis, death, wealth, knowledge, power, surcease, and love. Their searches take place in different cycles of the Totaliverse but all are driven by the restlessness engendered by time's urgency.

(79 pages, stapled, card cover).
ISBN 978 1 897968 46 8
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Two of the stories in the collection can be read, free, on this site at:
Voyage to Camulashivanava
The Undoer

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