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Books for children published by Child's Play International.

Light Reading is an original series written and illustrated by John Light for first readers providing an ideal introduction to reading for pleasure.

Cover illustrations

Playing at home                                             ISBN 0-85953-336-0
What's cooking?                                             ISBN 0-85953-337-9
It's great outdoors                                           ISBN 0-85953-338-7
Odd jobs                                                         ISBN 0-85953-339-5
Race Ace Roger                                             ISBN 0-85953-501-0
Beachcombers                                                ISBN 0-85953-502-9
Dig that hole!                                                  ISBN 0-85953-503-7
Snap Happy                                                     ISBN 0-85953-504-5

These escapades of a real family will have immediate appeal for young children and their parents. Episodes are presented in simple, contemporary language, peppered with the word plays and puns that children relish. The stories are packed with witty observation of the strange behaviour of adults. Dad's attempts at cooking and his impractical approach to odd jobs are hilarious: watch out for the unexpected, authentic details that make these books so individual!

Bold, naive illustrations in full colour complement the natural language of the narrative, adding plenty of interest with sharply observed action.

Also published  in Welsh:

Chwarae Gartref                                             ISBN 0-85953-650-5
Pawb yn Coginio!                                           ISBN 0-85953-651-3
         Mae'n Braf Allan                                             ISBN 0-85953-652-1         
Gweithio Gartref                                             ISBN 0-85953-653-X
Sion y Gyrrwr Sionc                                        ISBN 0-85953-654-8
Ar Lan y Mor                                                   ISBN 0-85953-655-6
Torri Twll                                                        ISBN 0-85953-656-4
Tynnu Lluniau                                                 ISBN 0-85953-657-2

and Italian:

Avventure sulla spiagga                                  ISBN 0-85953-605-X
Scava quella buca!                                          ISBN 0-85953-606-8
E bello stare all'aperto                                     ISBN 0-85953-602-5
Lavori occasionali                                           ISBN 0-85953-603-3
Giocare a casa                                                ISBN 0-85953-600-9
Ruggero, asso del volante                              ISBN 0-85953-604-1
Istantanee                                                       ISBN 0-85953-607-6
Che cosa cucinare?                                        ISBN 0-85953-601-7

Format: 190 x 190 mm, 16 pp, card cover, stapled

For children aged: 3 to 6 years

£l.99 each

US$7 surface, US$8 air

English text editions now available only from Photon Press.

Welsh and Italian editions also available from:

Child’s Play (International) Ltd
Ashworth Rd, Swindon, SN5 7YD, UK
01793 616 286          Fax 01793 512 795 

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