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(Light's List of Literary Magazines lists markets but is not itself a market for writers or artists).

The most recent edition of  Light's List of Literary Magazines was for 2007. It was published by Bluechrome and I believe that it is now out of print but have so far been unable to get confirmation of this from Bluechrome. A 2008 edition was planned by Bluechrome but never commissioned. Whether I shall resume publication myself I have not yet decided. If I do it will be announced here and in various independent press magazines.
If you do wish to try to obtain a copy of the 2007 edition, the details are below, following those for the 2006 edition which is still available.

The 2006 edition is still available from Photon Press direct and through book shops.
(see Previous Editions)

Contains the names, addresses, price, frequency, page count and a brief note of interests (e.g. "Traditional: poems to 30 lines, fiction to 2500 words, reviews, artwork") of over 1500 UK, US, Canadian, Australasian, European, African and Asian small press magazines publishing creative writing and artwork in English.

Typical entries;

(6,£4,4,84) Poetry [prizes], prose to 1kW [prizes], art, reviews, features Carole Baldock, 17 Greenhow Ave, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 5EL, UK <>

Tears in the Fence
(6,£6/$US7,3,144) Poetry, fiction, articles, reviews, interviews [See also under Australia, France, USA] David Caddy, 38 Hod View, Stourpaine, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 8TN, UK <> <>

(6,$25,2,68) Haiku, tanka & short poems Owen Bullock, POB 12, Waihi Beach, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand & Patricia Prime, 42 Flanshaw Rd, Te Atatu South, Auckland 8, New Zealand <>

Light’s List has been described as “absolutely splendid, a brilliant eye-opener, a formidable accomplishment, a stunningly comprehensive guide, the indispensable contact reference for everyone, legendary, infamous, rather cheap marvellous, inexorable, irresistible, dangerous and even useful.”

"... a huge number of magazines that I have never seen listed before" - The Blind Man's Rainbow

"A review of Light's List can be written in one word - essential" - Raw Edge Magazine

"Refreshes ambition like nothing else" - Pat Jourdan

"For small press newcomers and writers looking for new markets there is only one indispensable starting place and that's the latest edition of Light's List" - Flickers and Frames

Light's List of Literary Magazines 2007

was published by
Bluechrome Publishing, POB 109, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 7ZJ, UK
(perfect bound)
22nd annual edition
ISBN 1-904781-61-6
£7.99 inclusive of 2nd class postage

It was available through most bookshops.
I have recently heard it is out of print,
but have had no confirmation of this from the publisher.
WARNING: I have recently heard that Bluechrome has ceased trading but have been unable to confirm or refute this.

(It is not available from Photon Press)


If you already have the 2007 edition of the List, you may wish to check the changes notified to 15th December 2007:

2007 List Changes

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