Making a Splash!

John Light

Cover illustration


“It is nicely edited and the presentation is pleasant. Simple, sweet, accessible. A child's light read. John Light has a good sense of humour and it comes out well: “Dad was worried about coping with three children afloat. Uncle Richard said he would come and help. Dad felt even more worried.” This is a picture book and the line drawings are an integral part of the story. They are simple, consistent and quite in keeping with the story. The book is amicable yet identifiable with the real life situation, and I can see it appealing to the young.”

Doreen King in New Hope International Review

(24 black and white illustrated pages, card cover).

For children - ideal for colouring in.

Photon Press

ISBN 1 897968 20 5


US$8 surface, US$9 air

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