Neighbours Are a Nuisance!

John Light

Cover illustration


“The neat domestic world is a veneer beneath which passion tears at the inhabitants and the suburban back garden enters the domain of Gothic horror: There were accidents. The story is told in simple, contemporary language spiced with humour and full of observations of humanity's foibles. Light's language stays as close to the language of a child as possible or more accurately, pretends to. It is a tricky exercise to make art that doesn't resemble art, but Light is a master at the word plays and puns that children enjoy and his authentic details and observations make his little booklets a delight. When reading Light's booklet I was teased by thoughts of history within art. Does the act of attaching words to drawings change the status of the drawings? Are we supposed to read the text in order to make sense of the drawings, or should we take a sensual delight in the artwork, the clear, sinuous lines signifying no more than its existence as paper and ink?”

Patricia Prime in New Hope International Review

(24 black and white illustrated pages, card cover).

ISBN 1 897968 22 1


US$8 surface, US$9 air

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