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Mystery of the City

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A collection of poetry reflecting the city as an entity greater than the people who inhabit it.

Poems by K V Bailey, Andrew Darlington, Gerald England, Clare Fearnley, John Freeman, Sean Russell Friend, John Francis Haines, Neil K Henderson, Martin Holroyd, James Kirkup, John Light, Geoff Lowe, Rupert Loydell, John Mingay, Eric Ratcliffe, Peter Russell, Jeanne Leigh Schuler, Ruth Wildes Schuler, Sam Smith, Steve Sneyd, Barry Tebb, John Tungay.

Edited and illustrated by John Light

“A real bargain” Iota

“An enlarging experience” Pennine Platform

Card cover, stapled, 40 pages.

(ISBN 1 897968 02 7)


(US$7 surface, US$8 air)





Steve Sneyd and John Light

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Poems and drawings born of ancient stones.

Both Steve Sneyd and John Light write about the future. They gave a joint poetry reading at the Newham Science Fiction Festival and more recently read at the Newcastle book launch of Iron Press's anthology "Star Trek - The Poems". This is their first published collaboration and grew out of the interest they also share in those cultures of the past that have left only stone remains and myths.
42 poems by Steve Sneyd and John Light. Colour cover and 17 internal black and white illustrations by John Light.

...finely tuned, haunted by the presentness of history
... thoroughly recommended...

        Stan Trevor in New Hope International Review

Brilliant book of poetry

        John F Haines in Handshake

You could walk this book as though it was a guidebook. The poems are brimful of place

        Ian MacMillan in Artscene

...tap into the roots of that hidden wisdom which still sends a thrill up the back of your neck ... A wonderful series of words and images.

        Chris Semper in Raven Newsletter

I would not part with this book ... I will be reading and enjoying it for years to come

        Thalia in The Little Red Book

Perfect bound, card cover; 60 pages; ISBN 0 907759 18 1

£4.95 (US$12 surface, US$13 air)

Published by K.T.Publications

Also available from:

Photon Press

Lines of Light

John Light

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John Light is a scientist, painter, novelist, and poet. In this first substantial collection of his verse all these interests find expression. Some of the poems deal with immense themes but the writing itself is always clear and direct, never obscure. He tries simply to communicate truth as he perceives it.

With an appreciation by John Francis Haines.

“the whole book glows” Krax

Published by Salzburg University Press, ISBN 3-7052-0414-9.

Distributed by Photon Press

(One of the Salzburg Studies in English Literature Series)

(Perfect bound paperback; 67 pages)


(US$13 surface, US$15 air)




John Light

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“You would do well to choose this book. And it may just leave you wanting to read more of the same. The language is rich, lush and expressive. It carries us along on a path of discoveries, as in Creation Myth, a long poem, a flowing tale that satisfies and entrances with its visions. By contrast the short Sun-Silvered Roads is concise, fresh, but just as involved and descriptive. But my own favourite has to be Dark Clouds. The language is sensual, the sentiments sybaritic, as one of my favourite lines "your numinous beauty through half-closed eyes"...

Carmen Willcox in Flickers 'n' Frames


Card cover, stapled, 21 pages)

1st ed Pentagraph Press

2nd ed Photon Press

ISBN 1 897968 23 X


US$8 surface; US$9 air




John Light

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The 2nd edition of a short collection of early poems by John Light, (first published by Carmina Publishing, 1989) including a long science fantasy poem and others not in the more substantial University of Salzburg collection of his poetry.

(Card cover, stapled, 21 pages)

ISBN 1 897968 08 6


(US$7 surface; US$8 air)

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