The Flower


Written by John Light             Illustrated by Lisa Evans

Brigg lives in a small grey room in a large grey city. When he discovers a book in the library labelled ‘Do Not Read’, he cannot resist taking it home. It leads him to an unexpected discovery which brings brightness and beauty to the inhabitants of his previously dull and dismal city.

An enigmatic and haunting story, beautifully and mysteriously illustrated.

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Over 14000 copies sold.

32 pages

Hardcover £10.99
ISBN 978-1-84643-071-8

Softcover £4.99

ISBN 978-1-84643-016-9

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Child’s Play (International) Ltd
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ITV have a project providing signed stories for deaf children. The Flower is one of those included. They are available to watch free on line. The story is presented as a simple animation of the pages from the book with a figure narrating the story orally and using sign language. I am sure that not only deaf children would enjoy seeing it and indeed other books available free at the site. If you’d like to look at it, go to:

Signed Stories Home Page - ITV Signed Stories

Choose Adventure;
then View all adventure stories

and click The Flower or any other title from the list there.

It is read by Rob Williams and signed in BSL by Khalid Ashraf.

Author illustrated edition

The Flower

John Light

Cover illustration 


In a grey city without flowers, Brigg finds a packet of seeds ...

"An allegorical tale with slight Orwellian undertones... There is more than a touch of genius at work in these ... illustrated pages, for they are imbued with characteristic simplicity of detail, yet have such tremendous aesthetic appeal. The storyline has a pleasing cadence, too. ... a charming and inspired storybook not to be missed."

Bernard M Jackson

(26 half-tone and colour illustrated pages, card cover).

Photon Press

ISBN 1 897968 17 5

£5 including postage

(US$11 surface; US$12 air)

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