The Well of Time

John Light

Cover Illustration

Beneath the orange skies and blue sun of Lavandrel an unadventurous people have farmed the red landscape for millennia. Into this placid world an alien presence brings a grey blight threatening destruction of all its life forms. Lured towards the source of the pollution by visions and troubled by ominous dreams, Prince Alorn faces desolation and death through a perilous quest to save his planet. In a craft from the remote past he searches for his beloved Annalor, abducted by the intruder, far beyond his native world, beyond even the known Universe. Swept into the depths of a black hole, gateway to another Cosmos of mysterious phenomena, Alorn finds the meaning of his dreams revealed in a final bitter struggle.



Within a framework redolent of ancient myth, Light airs some timely spiritual and environmental concerns, typified by the contrast between the destructive, despotic Grey Maker and the ancient race of Guardians who safeguard the planet's evolutionary progress... The importance of continuity, of humankind's role within the cosmic order, is a recurring theme... Fundamentally, though, this is plot-driven high adventure, with clearly defined if sometimes two-dimensional characters, and enough intrigue, suspense and coincidence to keep those pages turning... Though first published in 1981, its vaguely 'hippy' spirit gives it a more 90s resonance…”

Murray C Steward in Zene

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The Well of Time     Prologue and The Red Grass Plain

(First published in hardback by Robert Hale, London, 1981)

Perfect bound paperback 1994 by PHOTON PRESS

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176 pages


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